Passwd prompt for share on NT

Steven J. Berlage ms041 at
Tue Oct 27 15:34:41 GMT 1998

I know this has probably been answered before but......

I have several 95 and NT machines being served shares from a Unix
machine.  I can log into a 95 machine and it automatically connects me
to the mapped drives (if the correct password is supplied).  When I log
into an NT machine it always asks for a password for the first share,
then maps the rest without a password.  I have the config option
"security = server" set in the smb.conf file.  I would like the NT
machines to behave like the 95 machines (i.e.  if a correct password was
given to log in, assume the share passwords are the same).
I am in the process of creating a CGI that needs access to a share (via
DSN) and this _may_ solve one of the problems I am having.


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