Win95 to Linux/Samba Timings

Harper, Ian (IDH) ian.harper at
Tue Oct 27 15:25:47 GMT 1998

Can anyone offer any help with improving the following timings :-

Using 3 identical PC's one a win 95 client, one an NT 4.0 Server and one
a Linux (Redhat 5.0, Kernel 2.0.32) with Samba (1.9.17p4) I get the
following results when copying a directory tree up/down, the tree
consists of 183 files in 38 directories totalling 8.5Mb.

Win95 -> NT  33secs         	              NT -> Win95   2mins
Win95 ->Linux/Samba 3mins     Linux/Samba -> Win95  5 mins

I have read speed.txt and speed2.txt and cannot find any significant
improvement with the suggestions. Ideally we want to get the Samba share
as near the speed of the NT.

Thanks for any help/advice


Ian.harper at

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