Autocad R14 + Samba

Dave Porter dave__porter at
Tue Oct 27 14:02:10 GMT 1998

I know this is an old problem, and have found old archives mentioning 
the same problem. I believe there was also a samba bug logged for the 
problem - #756.

Trouble is, I can't find any mention of a solution. The problem is to do 
with accessing Autocad R14 drawings over a samba share, it seems there 
is something non-standard/incorrect with the locking. Autocad complains 
(seemingly randomly) that the drawing is read only, even when UNIX 
permissions definately allow read/write.

It has been suggested to set 'max mux' to 1 but this has had no effect, 
did anyone come up with a solution ??

Oh, and the problem does not appear to be platform specific, we have the 
same problem on Sun and Dec Alpha machines.

Thanks in advance.


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