samba and Pegasus - great idea

Dr Hugh Nelson hugh.nelson at
Tue Oct 27 17:54:32 GMT 1998

hello alex,

we are enthusiastic Pegasus users in our 5 doctors family medical 
practice, but have never been clever enough to get Mercury working 
under Win95.  We use Pegasus for in-office mail, and a couple of us 
have modems and get our own internet mail on it also.

we have 13 workstations with reception etc, and samba has solved all 
the instability problems we were having using win95 as a server.  
Running under Linux Redhat 5.1

May I suggest that when you are happy with your patch, that you make 
it available as a binary that ordinary people like me can download 
and run on one of the flavours of Linux?
Perhaps  Andrew Tridgell would be happy to host it  on the 
Samba web site?



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