Samba replacing NFS

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Oct 26 15:56:48 GMT 1998

You asked:
| Is there a good reason not to simply use samba, and share the volumes
| with samba from the Sun, and use smbmount on the linux machines? Will
| this not be faster? (It could hardly be slower).

	It's perfectly doable, but probably better to look and see
	why the fileserver's delivered performance is low. I
	reccomend Adrian Cockroft's book for tuning Suns. an old
	reference is

	The easy way to improve performance is by caching on the
	client (the webserver in this case). Either cachefs or
	Samba will give you  that, but cachefs will keep inactive
	files around longer.

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