access from nt4.0sp3

Paul Krohn krohn at
Sat Oct 24 18:07:45 GMT 1998

short version: whenever i try to log in to my samba server from an NT 
workstation, i get an error message: 

The account is not authorized to log in from this station.

in my smb.conf, i have

hosts allow = x.x.x. 127.

where x.x.x. is the network number for the subnet containing both the pc 
and the redhat linux 5.0 alpha w/2.0.34 kernel.

in hosts.allow, i have

ALL : x.x.x.0/

which i know in ordinary circumstances would b dangerous, but i'm testing 
this at home where there are only 3 computers.

i have the exact smae problem at work, where i have samba set up on a 
sparc20 running solaris 2.6: iknow my setup is screwed up somewhere, i'm 
just at a loss for where.

Paul Krohn
San Francisco Examiner - Systems Department
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San Francisco, CA 94103
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