Same problem, with a question

William Rozmiarek williamroz at
Sat Oct 24 09:50:48 GMT 1998

I'm the one who just wrote in about a Win95/DOS/SAMBA network running
fine but the new NT workstation can't connect.  When I was typing out
my smb.conf file in the last email, I came across the "security="
setting.  I have it set to server which, according to the SAMBA book,
says that for native authentication, I need it set to user or share. 
If this is my problem, why would the 95 and DOS machines be able to
If this is my solution, should it be set to share or user?  I'm not
sure of the difference.

Please post any comments to the list and carbon copy my email
(williamroz at as I only receive the digest.

Thanks, in advance, for anything you can give me!

William Rozmiarek
williamroz at
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