Identifying print source; "no interface found..." err. msg

Zvi Bar-Deroma zvika at
Sat Oct 24 08:39:44 GMT 1998


The following pertains to samba 1.9.18p10 running on AIX 4.2.1; clients are
mostly WIN95 with primary login Novell Netware (Netware/ZEN client 2.50).

1. The way the printing system is setup here, is that users send their
   printouts to some queue (which is always down); when they want to get their
   output, they "find" their job on a nearby terminal  (running laixsoft's
   qman to display and manipulate print jobs) and "release" the job by
   transferring the file from the "always down" queue to the "real" queue
   serving the printer. So far so good, however, with samba, they cannot
   identify their jobs, look at the following output of lpq:

Queue   Dev   Status    Job Files              User         PP %   Blks  Cp Rnk
------- ----- --------- --- ------------------ ---------- ---- -- ----- --- ---
aeps1   null  DOWN     
              HELD      819 /tmp/   aershtl at ae            17   1   1
              QUEUED    820 /tmp/   aershtl at ae            17   1   2
              QUEUED    637 /var/spool/samba/a nobody                63   1   3
              QUEUED    921 /var/spool/samba/a nobody                35   1   4

You can see that jobs sent from the aix machine, gives both a significant
filename (the real one) as well as the username ,while printouts from WIN95 machines
to samba  do not provide useful information (think of a student trying to
locate his job amongst 40 other jobs all showing /var/spool/samba/a as
filename and nobody as username ...).

Is there any way to solve this situation ?

2. In the smb.log I see a "no interface found for address xxxx.yyy.zzz.qqq

   and the next line gives a added interface ..... with correct values..
   While this seems to be harmless to me, I assume that this can be
   overcome by setting "something" in the smb.conf file. Can anyone help
   with that ?

I have gone through the tests mentioned in DIAGNOSIS.txt, and didn't see
any problem.


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