NT machines can't see each other

John Lusk lusk at dg-rtp.dg.com
Fri Oct 23 12:23:23 GMT 1998

"CH" == Christopher Holmes <holmes at papillonres.com> writes:

  CH> I recently set up Samba on a sparc 2 running sun os 4.1.3.  It's
  CH> set up as the browse master.  We have a few PC's running NT, 95,
  CH> & 98.  On the NT machines, only the unix box shows up in the
  CH> network neigborhood.  Win95 & 98 are a little weirder: some
  CH> machines show up and others don't.

  CH> Any ideas on where to start?  I've read the browsing docs and
  CH> everything looks correct.

  CH> Chris

Not that I'm any kind of expert, but try starting nmbd with non-zero
debug levels (-d option).  Level 2 or 3 might shed some light w/out
overwhelming you w/info.  Note that 'debug level' in smb.conf doesn't
seem to work (at least, for me), you have to supply an explicit
cmd-line option.  Also, check the settings of your "syslog" variables,
to make sure the debugging output goes where you expect it.


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