Samba replacing NFS

Jonathan Peterson jon at
Fri Oct 23 08:57:46 GMT 1998


I have a number of web servers that mount their /htdocs (and /log and
/cgi-bin) directories from a large file server. I am currently using NFS
for this. The web servers are Linux, the file server a Sun E450. NFS seems
dreadfully slow, and I keep reading about how it doesn't do file locking.

Is there a good reason not to simply use samba, and share the volumes with
samba from the Sun, and use smbmount on the linux machines? Will this not
be faster? (It could hardly be slower).

It seems perverse to use a Win32 protocol between to *nix machines, but NFS
just seems very very slow.

Can anyone think of a good reason _not_ to use samba in this situation?


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