Looking up Netbios name of host

Herb Lewis herb at chomps.engr.sgi.com
Thu Oct 22 23:43:58 GMT 1998

Brian Ryner wrote:
> Hi-
> Ok, this is puzzling me.  I have two machines on different networks
> running Samba 1.9.18p10.  On one machine, which is running Redhat 5.1, I
> can do "nmblookup -A <IP ADDRESS>" and get the IP address of a host on
> the LAN.  This network also has an NT server domain controller, but I
> doubt that matters in this case, since I'm querying the machine
> directly.
> The second machine is running Slackware 3.2.  The same command, on that
> machine, does not work except when querying the Samba server itself.
> All other machines give a "No status response" error.  Here is some
> debugging output from that. The machine being queried is running Win95.
> Also, any insight into the lp_servicenumber messages would be
> appreciated.

If your machine is running nmbd you will get the "No status response"
from Win95 machines and will get responses from Win98 and WinNT. This
is because Win95 will not respond to anything but port 137. Since 
nmbd is already bound to that port you will not receive the response.
You can kill nmbd temporarily if you want to use nmblookup with 
Win95 machines.

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