Windows connection slow...

Brad . capstone7 at
Fri Oct 23 11:28:18 GMT 1998

I have installed RedHat 5.1 and Samba to allow access to the Linux box 
from out NT Workstations on the NT Server network and it works OK. The 
Linux box is called "Linuxserver".

However, the Linux access time is very slow. When I click on the network 
neighbourhood Linuxserver icon, I get 3 shares that I have set up: brad, 
etcshare and rootshare.
If I click on brad (home directory), it displays the contents in about 1 
second. If I click on etcshare, it displays the contents in about 5 
seconds. If I click on rootshare, it takes over a minute to display the 
contents. It appears that the speed is dependant upon the amount of 
files in the directory so perhaps it is sorting through the tree before 
displaying ths contents. But even if that were true, 1 minute is a very 
long time to display the Linux file & directory tree. When I Telnet in, 
I can su to root and cd /, ls -a -R and it takes about 15 seconds.

It is only a slower network with a cheap <10Mb (more like 1 or 2Mb) hub 
and NE2000 network cards but still NT is very fast.

Does anyone know why it could be so slow?


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