long winded printing LARGE files soloution

Robert robert at mhi-tx.com
Thu Oct 22 20:08:52 GMT 1998

oh sorry ... I should have mentioned it..

well it was many things all of which the various people suggested.
thanks again.

1.initial problem was lpq will only let you spool files < xMb so I

changed the print command to lp -d%p %s.

2. I had to realize that to reflect any changes in the smb.conf from the

clients you have to logout and back in. (small point that took alot of


3. so now the printing worked fine but the spool files stayed (of

course) because I was no longer using lpq. so I added lp -d%p %s;rm %s

which didnt work because the rm command ran before lp was finished with

the file..

4. changed print command to lp -c -d%p %s;rm %s    still didnt work

because I had mx=0 in the printcap instead of mx#0 (unlimited spool file


5. fix printcap .. and presto! every thing works fine now.

sorry for not posing the soloution originally. 
I am a newbie..   :)

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