Wierd Errors...

Christopher D. Damour damour at enrmo2.gordon.army.mil
Thu Oct 22 19:57:27 GMT 1998

Hey Folks...
     I get the feeling that this has probably been covered before, but I
could not find the answer in the "back issues" of the mailing list so here
     I am running a linux machine with samba loaded.  One of the other
folks that I work with is running NT Workstation 4.0, Service Pack 3.  I
want him to be able to use a plotter on my linux box.  Other folks running
Windows 95 or NT 4 have been able to use the plotter and other printers
and use disks, etc.  However, when I try to do so from Wes's machine I get
error messages such as:

"Could not connect to the printer: The printer name is invalid."

     The name was absolutely valid, is this a "one error message for all
errors" issue?  That was the error message that I got when I tried to get
Wes's machine to connect to the plotter.
     When I tried to get it to "Map Network Drive" it gave me a message
that said:

"An error occurred in networkprovider InterDrive NT.  Error 1208. PCNFSD
not accessible on remote server.  Contact your system administrator Or Try
logging in as username NOBODY."

     'Ah h'ain't never seen no error lahk that before...  Any ideas?  I
appreciate all the help that y'all are willing to give this poor dumb
     Thanks in advance,
damour at enrmo2.gordon.army.mil USASC & Fort Gordon, ATZH-DIE (Mr. Damour)
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