Domain logons for NT Workstations?

Victor M. Carranza G. victor at
Thu Oct 22 17:47:03 GMT 1998

Dear folks:

I have been happily using Samba as a domain logon server for my win95
machines, and everything seems to work well... but now I am trying to
replace some of the win95 boxes with WinNT Workstation ones. According
to Samba documentation, domain logons should work with those machines...
but when I try to specify a domain for the logon in the NT/WS
configuration, the machine complains it cannot find a domain controller.
I am currently using 1.9.18p10, and I have found that domain cotroller
feature is available only in the head branch. Is there any way to do
plain domain logons with NT workstations, without having a domain

Pleace cc to me when replying. Many thanks in advance for your help.

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