printing LARGE files continued

Robert robert at
Wed Oct 21 23:00:57 GMT 1998

thanks for the responses steve, william,Cristopher,herb, and kees.
I have made some changes and realized that you must logout and back in
form the client in order to use the updated smb.conf.. this was my first
so now I have a print command = lp -c -d%p %s;rm %s which from my man
page on lp (in freebsd 2.2.6) says lp should not exit untill it is
finished using the spool file .. this should be exactly what I want.
exept it doesn't seem to be doing that. It still is just printing the
very top of the file. (the lp -d%p %s without the rm command works fine
but the file stays there of course.. ) so it seems that either I am
misinterpreting the man page or -c isn't working. any more Ideas I hate
to leave the spool files there for a cron job to clean up.. whith the
size and frequency of HUGE files i am afraid I would run out of space or
risk deleting an active job.. 
thanks guys for all the help so far... 

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