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The default setting for Win95 are to do DNS before WINS.  You can try to change 
this order to see if this fixes the problem.  I clipped the following from the 
Technet article - Q139270.  It would be easier to disable DNS on a Win95 client 
to see if the name resolution order is causing your problem; then do all this 
happy stuff...

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The following registry entries control name resolution order for Windows NT
version 3.5x and Windows 95:
Each value is a DWORD between -32768 and 32767, specified in hexadecimal
notation. The lower the value, the higher the priority in the search order.
You can use existing values by rearranging them in a needed order. (Use
scientific calculator, for example, to compare hexadecimal numbers).
Deleting an entry disables the corresponding resolution method.


Windows 95
In order to set priorities in Windows 95, you must create new keys and
values with the following steps:
1. Use regedit to open the following location:
2. Click on Edit, New, then Key to create a new key under Services and name
   it MSTCP.
3. Move to the new MSTCP key, and click on Edit, New, then Key to create a
   new key under MSTCP and name it ServiceProvider.
   The registry path should now look like this:
4. Move to the new ServiceProvider key, and click on Edit, New, then Binary
   Value to add the priority values noted above (DnsPriority,
   LocalPriority, HostsPriority, and NetbtPriority).
5. Set the priority values as needed.

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> Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1998 15:09:35 GMT
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> Subject: DNS name and netbios name differ
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> Hi All,
> I'm having some problems getting Win'9X to connect to an NT share when 
> the netbios name for the NT server is different from the DNS name, and 
> the win'9x machine is using the DNS name. NT workstation is happy with 
> doing this, but '9X isn't.
> The strange thing is that it works fine when '9X connects to a samba 
> server that is similarly configured. If I understood why it's OK with 
> samba, I might begin to understand what's wrong with the NT connection.
> Sorry about being a bit off topic, but someone must have solved this 
> problem to make samba work so well, and I'm running out of other 
> options.
> TIA,
> Peter
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