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Wed Oct 21 14:37:27 GMT 1998


	Does Samba offer any type of trust relationships for NT machines?
	Will this be in the new version of Samba 1.9.18p10?  
	It's funny to see Linux machines able to penetrate any domain.  How is 
Linux at replicating the passwd file with NIS?  This would solve the 
updating of users across multiple machines.  Or would it be better to 
refresh all the smbpasswd databases on each machine, and have the setting 
to synch the smbpasswd to the passwd file.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

	Any word on when the update of the Samba book will be out? :)

	The only problem I've had so far was with Browse Lists not showing 
other systems in the same workgroup.  Our network is subnetted here, so 
this poses the problem.  If I understood what the book was explaining, then 
I should have a Samba server as a local browser in each subnet?  Isn't a 
WINS server supposed to solve this?  


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