Smbmount and Tar probs

Harper, Ian (IDH) ian.harper at
Wed Oct 21 15:14:09 GMT 1998

>From Linux, I have smbmount'd a drive on an NT3.51 box and one on an NT
4.0 box, when I try to tar them to a large tape (25Gb) it runs for quite
a while and then
appears to freeze. 

If I try to ls the directory it freezes as well, mount shows the drive
as still
mounted. Top doesnt show it running. 

I am using Linux Redhat 5.0 with 1.9.18p10 samba - can any one offer any
advice into what might be locking up and help on viewing what is
in the system would also be appreciated.


e-mail: ian.harper at

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