Juergen Rothberger Juergen.Rothberger at
Wed Oct 21 14:52:56 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I'm administrator on a small network using a Linux based server with
Samba 1.9.18p8 and Win95 clients. The Linux machine is sometimes used as
a workstation, too.
Default smb.conf coming with the Linux distribution (SuSE 5.3) has an
entry *create mode = 0750* for homes-services. That means, all files
written from a specific client to his home directory are set to
*executable by owner*. Changing smb.conf to *create mode = 0650* all
files are *readable/writable by owner*, right? Ok, now the problem: I
would like to backup some config files and basic shell scripts from the
Linux machine to my Win95 client (using a special backup folder with
restricted access). Copying these files back to the Linux machine I get
all files executable or none, no matter whether they are script files or
not. Is there any possibility to keep the original Linux permissions?

- Juergen

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