win98 access to samba

Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at
Wed Oct 21 10:07:20 GMT 1998

> I have a situation in which I can access my samba
> servers with win95 machines but not win98 PCs.  When
> I double click on the server using the browse list
> under win98, it prompts me for a password to access 
> //SERVER_NAME/IPC$ but denies me access after entering
> the password.  I get accepted with no problem at this
> prompt with win95.  I compiled with the defaults and
> shared the resources with a minimal smb.conf:

You don't give the error message here but if it is "Not authorised to
log in from this station" then it is probably that client wants to do
encrypted passwords and the server doesn't.  Windows 98 includes the
same change of behaviour that Win95 service pack 1 and WinNT4 service
pack 3 do - if the server doesn't support encrypted password then the
client refuses to connect.

To solve this you either need to make sure the encrypted password
support is complied into the server and turn it on in smb.conf (see
ENCRYPTION.txt in the docs directory of the samba source and the man
entry for smb.conf) or you need to install the registry change for
Win98/Win95SP1 (in Win95_PlainPassword.reg)

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