printing LARGE files

Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at
Wed Oct 21 09:59:16 GMT 1998

> hello,
> I am wondering how to print LARGE files..
> samba seems to trunkate large files.. 
> I changed my printer command = lp -d%p %s
> to no avail.
> If I print the file to the disk on the server I can then issue 
> an lp -dhp5si LARGEFILE and it prints fine.
> any suggestions?? 
> thanks in advance.
> Robert

A few things to try:

1. Check the the disk on which the spool directory used by samba to
store the incoming print file (specified with the "path =" line in the
[printers] section of smb.conf) isn't running out of space.

2. Also you don't mention which OS you have but if it has print quotas
does the user printing the file have one set?  When you try it by
printing to a file on a file share and then issuing the print command
are you logged in as the user doing the printing or someone else?

3.  Check that the client isn't running out of disk space during the
print operation.  In some cases the client will spool either a windows
meta-file or the final printer output locally before transferring it to
the samba spool dir - this may happen differently for a "print to file"
option.  Check settings like "Fast printing direct to port" on Win3.X
(turn this on to get windows to send straight to the network) or "Enable
print spooling" on an NT client (turn this off to get the client to send
straight to the net).  There will be a similar setting for 95 but I
can't remeber what it's called.

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