DNS name and netbios name differ

Steve Fosdick steve.fosdick at aom.bt.co.uk
Wed Oct 21 09:47:36 GMT 1998

> I'm having some problems getting Win'9X to connect
> to an NT share when the netbios name for the NT
> server is different from the DNS name, and the
> win'9x machine is using the DNS name. NT workstation
> is happy with doing this, but '9X isn't.
> The strange thing is that it works fine when
> '9X connects to a samba server that is similarly
> configured. If I understood why it's OK with samba,
> I might begin to understand what's wrong with the
> NT connection.

Well a samba server can have more than one netbios name and I think in
its default configuration it will respond to its hostname as returned by
the unix 'hostname' command (which is probably the DNS name or the first
part of it) and to any netbios name you specifically configure.  I don't
know if NT has the capability - if not then this may be the difference.

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