win98 access to samba

kluersen kluersen at Dsrnet.Com
Tue Oct 20 21:59:49 GMT 1998


I have a situation in which I can access my samba servers with win95 
machines but not win98 PCs.  When I double click on the server using the 
browse list under win98, it prompts me for a password to access 
//SERVER_NAME/IPC$ but denies me access after entering the password.  I get 
accepted with no problem at this prompt with win95.  I compiled with the 
defaults and shared the resources with a minimal smb.conf:

path = /tmp
guest ok = no
read only = no

Does this have something to do with  test 10 of the DIAGNOSE.txt file, or 
am I headed in the wrong direction??

Ken Luersen
Kluersen at

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