kbaker3 at kbaker3 at
Tue Oct 20 18:32:24 GMT 1998

Please reply to my email address as I can't get that uch email a day or my
schools account starts dropping mail...

Could someone please help, I have a Dec Alpha running Linux with Samba.  I
can log onto it with net use, but I just can't get the pain in the butt to
appear on browse lists.  I think the first problem is that nmbd is not
looking up anything.  When I do an nmblookup it can't resolve anything
that I see on my roomates browser lists...  nmblookup seems to not look at
the wins stuff...
	I have read every concievable piece of documentation and I guess I
just don't get it...  I have played with almost every varriable and still
it doesn't work!!!

	I am almost becoming a non-believer in Samba over this one...  it
has taken me over a week to try and fix this problem...

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