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> >I've been trying to get a Win 95 and/or Win 98 machine to connect to
> >a SAMBA server running on a different port than the default.
> >
> >I know this may be slighly off topic since it is a Windows question,
> >but I have already exhaused the Microsoft and SAMBA on-line documentation
> >so I am turning here last. I appologize in advance.
> >
> >I would like to know if anyone has been
> >able to get the Microsoft "Map Network Drive" to work on any port
> >besides 139 or if it is even possible.
> >
> >I can start the server on any port with the -p flag, say 82, and
> >connect to it using smbclient, but
> >how can I specify the port to connect to when I am on a Win 95 or
> >Win 98 computer.
> >
> >Any help/suggetions would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >A Ottenheimer
> >afan at


I have no idea whether what I am going to tell you makes any sense in the M$
world, as I am
much more of a UNIX person...but to do this in unix, you start by making
changes to a file
called services, and this file exists in the microsoft world...
whether the functions are hard coded and the file is just there for
reference, I have no idea....

Maybe you could make changes in this file, copy the port 139 line and change
the port, then
comment out the port 139 line and reboot...I doubt though whether its going
to be that easy!!

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