restores of Samba/Amanda backups? HEEEEEEEELPP!

Ernie Oporto ernie_oporto at
Mon Oct 19 23:14:16 GMT 1998

When restoring files from tape that were backed up with AMANDA ( and
Samba (1.9.18p8) how is smbtar supposed to be used?

I've restored to file, and tried tar and gtar and get error messages:

salamanda:/tmp#>tar tvf restored.tar
tar: directory checksum error
salamanda:/tmp#>gtar tvf restored.tar
gtar: Hmm, this doesn't look like a tar archive.
gtar: Skipping to next file header...
salamanda:/tmp#>gtar --version
GNU tar version 1.11.2

when using smbtar, which is supposed to be capable of restoring, I keep
getting all sorts of error messages about usernames and passwords.  All I
want is to get these files out of the tar archive, but I'm afraid something
is seriously wrong with the archives I'm making.  Daily backups indicate a
good amount of data being backed up from client PCs.  I would hate to think
it's all messed up somehow.

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