smbclient -L behavior

Brian Ryner bryner at
Mon Oct 19 21:20:00 GMT 1998


I'm trying to have a program automate getting a browse list via
smbclient -L.  I am having a problem with the way it handles passwords. 
For example, if I run:

smbclient -L SERVER

Then it prompts for a password.  I can just press enter and it will show
the shares and browse list.  However, if I then try,

smbclient -N -L SERVER

it gives me access denied.  Is there a difference between just hitting
enter for the password and specifying -N?  Also, I tried to get around
this by piping a linefeed, but smbclient doesn't seem to take input
redirection... someone correct me if I'm missing something there.

Please CC replies by email as I'm not on the list.


-Brian Ryner
bryner at

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