How to: users print with their username, guests with guest account

Wim Pool pool at
Mon Oct 19 14:25:25 GMT 1998

Hi all,

In our setup we would like that all users with a valid account use 
their username to print, while users with no account use the guest 
account. How can we do that.

If we use:
public = yes
guest account = nobody

then all users are printing on the guest account.

On the other hand, if we use
public = no
valid users = .....,DummyAccount
write list = .....,DummyAccount

then somebody that does not have an account on our network, can 
print only if he/she logs in on win95/98 with username 

In short:
Can anybody tell me why Samba changes the UID of any user to 
nobody if public=yes, even if the account itself is valid? 

I could think of an implemantation where first the usernams is 
checked. If valid than that username can be used, if not valid than 
the guest account is used.

Why is this not done and are there ways to come around this??

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