WIN 98 password problem

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Oct 19 14:25:19 GMT 1998

Mark Hazen wrote:
| This defeats the purpose of encrypted passwords
| Encryption is no longer a tool for the paranoid, it's a necessity...
| espcially considering how freqeuntly machines have been getting hacked
| around me. Sure, your network might be secure... but how about every
| single network a packet crosses to get from any of your users'
| to the server?

	Alas, your password is well-protected (bravo, MS!), but
	your data isn't.

	As a former professional paranoid, I look at network file systems
	and say ``sorry, only within **my** network''.  I don't recomend
	letting SMB leak out, and given that, I almost don't care about
	plaintext passwords inside the 'net.

[Anything inside the wall is ``restricted distribution: non-
 disclosure required''.  The stuff that's corporate confidential
 is on a different box, not on that net.]
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