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>Date: Sat, 17 Oct 1998 10:36:33 -0500
>From: afan at (Afan Ottenheimer)
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>Subject: How can I "Map Network Drive" using port 82?
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>I've been trying to get a Win 95 and/or Win 98 machine to connect to 
>a SAMBA server running on a different port than the default.
>I know this may be slighly off topic since it is a Windows question, 
>but I have already exhaused the Microsoft and SAMBA on-line documentation
>so I am turning here last. I appologize in advance. 
>I would like to know if anyone has been 
>able to get the Microsoft "Map Network Drive" to work on any port
>besides 139 or if it is even possible.
>I can start the server on any port with the -p flag, say 82, and
>connect to it using smbclient, but 
>how can I specify the port to connect to when I am on a Win 95 or 
>Win 98 computer. 
>Any help/suggetions would be greatly appreciated.
>A Ottenheimer
>afan at

I do not believe what you want to do is possible. Remember that the samba
protocols, as implemented by microsoft, were originally designed for use on
local networks. I do not belive that any provision was made for changing
the port that samba uses on a windows box. If there were a way to change
it, it would probably be a registry key in the same area of the registry
that the encrypted passwords control resides. Unfortunately, I don't think
there is any good way for you to figure out what the key name might be on
your own - microsoft would have to give out that information.

I'm curious as to why you want to change the port. If you can tell us, I'm
sure we'd all like to know.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Michael Kohne
mhkohne at
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