Samba Log Analysis.

Mon Oct 19 14:46:56 GMT 1998

Andy Sims wrote:
> I have searched the web for scripts to analyze Samba logs and found
> nada.  Has anyone written a tool that will produce something on the
> order of what Webalyzer or Analog produce? I would love to see what
> applications we use eat up the most resources without actually having
> to use my brain.  I know I could whip one up myself, but that requires
> me to use my brain, etc...  I'm not much of a programmer.
> Even something that just produced a textual report of peak usage and
> so forth would be wonderful.
> It's a small lan (11 machines) so it doesn't have to be too elaborate.
> Andy
> andysims at

On SCO Open-Enterprise 3.2v4.2 there is a nice tool called "sar"
(SystemActivityReport) that reports Disk-Usage/Swap/IO´s/CPUusage/...

On SCO Open-Enterprise 5.x there is also a more userfriendly tool called
SCO-Doctor to report the bottlenecks of your machine.

I don´t know what UNIX-System you´re using - perhaps you´ve got some
equivalent tool there. Just use them.

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