mike.phillips at mike.phillips at
Sun Oct 18 21:40:48 GMT 1998

G'day all,

I am new to the list, so please be careful with me :-)....Some background I
am a developer not a network person, but I do like to play with hardware.

I have just installed samba 1 9 18p8 (I think this is the version number) on
Linux redhat 5.1.
The Linux box is a home PC that I use for data store, email and general
playing around with.

I am connected to my works MS network via ISDN with a nortel-nautica unit
that is doing address translation. (keep with it I'll get there in a
This allows me to have many PC's and printer connected at home on the works

Now my problem, I can log on to my works network at boot time and 'see' my
Linux box on the floor next to me. But any other PC in the room can't 'see'
the Linux box if I don't log in via work. If I do log in there is no

What I would like to do I have one of the PC's be able to see shares on the
Linux box without having to log in at work, obviously I want my wife to be
able to use the resources without me logging her in and of course it is
difficult to justify Sarah having an account at work :-).

Now I think I should be able to get around this be enabling 'domain logon'
on the Linux box, but I am not sure if this is going to effect by works
network in any way.
Can anyone shed some light, or am I up a creek with no paddle...



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