Does NT support crypted SMB data connection?

Jan Kratochvil short at
Sun Oct 18 15:57:48 GMT 1998

Hi all

  I know that when one part of SMB connection is Win95, the connection itself
is on the network clear, unencrypted. (ALTHOUGH PASSWORD NEGOTIATION MAY BE
  The question is: Is it also true for NT-NT connection or Samba2.0-NT
connection? I know that some crypto things were hacked out by packet sniffing
from NT but I don't know exectly which. And sorry, I don't have around any
NT handy to test this.
  It can be externally crypted by using Windows version of SecureSHell with port
139 forwarding, couldn't it?
  I need to know this for determining an enterprise solution.

 				Thanks for a great pice of sw,
						Jan Kratochvil

PS: CC would be nice to be GSM SMS notified.

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