Changing "Shutdown" to "Log off" in Win95?

Kalle Kiviaho kivi at
Sun Oct 18 08:15:33 GMT 1998

Daryl L. Biberdorf wrote:

> The Samba set up we're using to support 25 or so Win 95 clients
> is working well, but my users are usually not up to complicated
> tasks. Has anyone found a way to get logging out down to a single
> action (like, Start/Logout), instead of Start/Shutdown/Close all
> programs and log in as another user/Yes?

You can load c:\windows\system\shell32.dll into a resource editor,
like the one in Borland C++ 5.0, and disable everything except
"Close all programs and login as another user" ..

/mvh Kalle Kiviaho

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