NT 5.0b2 & Samba 2.0 Alpha

Gerald Carter jerry at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sun Oct 18 00:59:35 GMT 1998

>	I don't see anything in the digests about this, but I just 
>wanted to mention that Samba 2.0Alpha doesn't work with NT5.0b2.  It 
>works fine with Samba1.9.18p10.  From what I can tell, it has to do
>with the nttrans code.  I turned the debugging up to 10 and the error
>that I see is in the nt_open_pipe() routine (this is in 2.0alpha).  
>NT5.0 tries to open a pipe "*\." which nttrans doesn't know about.  
>It of course fails.  

The problem is that when you tell NT5 that you support the NT SMB
calls, then it expects you to support the DCE/RPC calls as well.
1.9.18p10 didn't support these NT SMB's while 2.0 does but the 
DCE/RPC support is not completed.

The workaround is to set "nt smb support = no" in smb.conf.

Hope this helps,
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