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> Szekely Denes wrote:
> >
> > Three days ago I had a mad ideea to install Win 98 on my PC. Until this
> > date I cannot map or access from WINDOWS my user directory and any other
> > shared resurces on the SCO, because my password is rejected. Based on my
> > previous experience with Microsoft products I try any
> > uppercase/lowercase mixture on my password, I try to change my password,
> > but nothing helps!
> > So there I am...
> > PS. If I try to access the server with TELNET, for example everithing
> > working fine...
> > Szekely Denes
> > Sysop on Miercurea-Ciuc's network
> >
> > e-mail: dszekely at, denes at
> Please consider that Win98 uses encrypted passwords - Win95 used
> plain-text passwords.
> This point was discussed previous in this forum ...
> there is a patch to be made in the win98 registry that looks something
> like
> "encrypted passwords = 1" -> "encrypted passwords = 0" or something like
> that.
> Hope this helps..
> Juergen Anzer
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Dear Denes,

this is what the following message was reffering to in WinNT.txt:

One of the most annoying problems with WinNT is that NT refuses to
connect to a server that is in user level security mode and that
doesn't support password encryption unless it first prompts the user
for a password.

This means even if you have the same password on the NT box and the
Samba server you will get prompted for a password. Entering the
correct password will get you connected only if Windows NT can
communicate with Samba using a compatible mode of password security.

All versions of Windows NT prior to 4.0 Service Pack 3 could negotiate
plain text (clear text) passwords. Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 3 changed
this default behaviour so it now will only handle encrypted passwords.
The following registry entry change will re-enable clear text password

Run regedt32.exe and locate the hive key entry:

Add the following value:

Alternatively, use the NT4_PlainPassword.reg file in this directory (either
by double clicking on it, or run regedt32.exe and select "Import Registry
File" from the "Registry" Menu).

The other major ramification of this feature of NT is that it can't
browse a user level non-encrypted server unless it already has a
connection open. This is because there is no spot for a password
prompt in the browser window. It works fine if you already have a
drive mounted (for example, one auto mounted on startup).

Even though this description is for WinNT, it should work equally
on Win98.

Sok szerencset,


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