SAMBA digest 1846 -- WIN 98 password problem

Sarma Seetamraju sarma at
Sat Oct 17 19:40:17 GMT 1998

To the Samba Developers :-

Maybe you can allow for old+new methods of authentication in your newer
releases :-
// consider FIRST that the passwd passed is cleartext
//    then use old method... of NOT using smbpasswd for authentication.
//            I guess you would use that in the UNIX crypt system call & match
with /etc/passwd
// if that failed to authorize, DO NOT return error.
// INSTEAD, assume it was an encrypted passwd and use the smbpasswd file.
(i.e., newer method).
<<END OF pseudo-CODE>>

> Three days ago I had a mad ideea to install Win 98 on my PC. Until this
> date I cannot map or access ....

I am guessing that Win98 comes with encrypted password protection by default,
the win95 and win3.1 used clear-text passwords.
I decided to overhaul my inhouse network, and downloaded the latest version
(my prior
release of samba was over two years old).
Then I started to use smbpasswd based authorization.  Nothing else worked
for encrypted passwords, 'smbpasswd' is the only solution).

Suggest that you MOVE ALL USERS to the 'smbpasswd' based authentication.
Look at the man pages for smbpasswd, there is a very easy migration tool.  You
be setup to do that in minutes.


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