How can I "Map Network Drive" using port 82?

Afan Ottenheimer afan at
Sat Oct 17 15:36:33 GMT 1998

I've been trying to get a Win 95 and/or Win 98 machine to connect to 
a SAMBA server running on a different port than the default.

I know this may be slighly off topic since it is a Windows question, 
but I have already exhaused the Microsoft and SAMBA on-line documentation
so I am turning here last. I appologize in advance. 

I would like to know if anyone has been 
able to get the Microsoft "Map Network Drive" to work on any port
besides 139 or if it is even possible.

I can start the server on any port with the -p flag, say 82, and
connect to it using smbclient, but 
how can I specify the port to connect to when I am on a Win 95 or 
Win 98 computer. 

Any help/suggetions would be greatly appreciated.

A Ottenheimer
afan at

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