WIN 98 password problem

Sat Oct 17 01:07:45 GMT 1998

Szekely Denes wrote:
> Three days ago I had a mad ideea to install Win 98 on my PC. Until this
> date I cannot map or access from WINDOWS my user directory and any other
> shared resurces on the SCO, because my password is rejected. Based on my
> previous experience with Microsoft products I try any
> uppercase/lowercase mixture on my password, I try to change my password,
> but nothing helps!
> So there I am...
> PS. If I try to access the server with TELNET, for example everithing
> working fine...
> Szekely Denes
> Sysop on Miercurea-Ciuc's network
> e-mail: dszekely at, denes at

Please consider that Win98 uses encrypted passwords - Win95 used
plain-text passwords.
This point was discussed previous in this forum ...
there is a patch to be made in the win98 registry that looks something
"encrypted passwords = 1" -> "encrypted passwords = 0" or something like

Hope this helps..

Juergen Anzer

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