NT 5.0b2 & Samba 2.0 Alpha

Brian C. Huffman Brian.C.Huffman at dupontpharma.com
Fri Oct 16 14:51:47 GMT 1998

	I don't see anything in the digests about this, but I just 
wanted to mention that Samba 2.0Alpha doesn't work with NT5.0b2.  It 
works fine with Samba1.9.18p10.  From what I can tell, it has to do
with the nttrans code.  I turned the debugging up to 10 and the error
that I see is in the nt_open_pipe() routine (this is in 2.0alpha).  
NT5.0 tries to open a pipe "*\." which nttrans doesn't know about.  
It of course fails.  

	I have a guess that this has to do with the Samba workaround for 
the problem where NT can't execute files that are not of the 8.3 filename
format (which incidentally has been fixed in NT5.0b2).  I apologize if
my assumptions and debugging methods are totally off - I didn't really
have that much time to spend on it.



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