Dual Authentication methods?

Paul L. Lussier plussier at BayNetworks.COM
Thu Oct 15 12:47:20 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I have an interesting situation where I have 2 groups of users, a Unix group,
and a Windows group.  I want to be able to allow them all access to the
same resources, but not comlicate my life too much more than it already is :)

Here's the situation.  I have a Samba server currently running in order to 
allow the Unix folks access to their home directories from their PCs.  This 
group has NT accounts & Unix accounts.  The samba server authenticates them
against the NIS passwd file.

The Windows only group *only* have NT accounts.  All NT accounts are now
created by "corporate" in the corporate domain.  I therefore, no longer
have to create NT accounts in my local domain.  

What I want to do is set samba up in such a way that it authenticates against
both the NIS database *and* the corp NT server.  Is this possible?

Ideally I'd like to get rid of my NT servers all together and replace them with
Samba.  The big problem is authentication.  Would it be easier to just create
a Unix account for everyone and use Unix groups to manage all the access
rights?  I'm thinking this might be the easiest way to go, and skip all
NT interaction all together!

Also, what about encrypted passwords?  Is there a way to do *both* cleartext
password and encryted password authentication simultaneously?  I don't want
to muck with the NT workstations, but by the same token, I have no desire
to move the unix environment to Kerberos.

Thanks for any insights/help you can provide.


plussier at baynetworks.com
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