Getting rid of "You haven't logged on here before"

Peter Debus pdebus at
Thu Oct 15 05:12:12 GMT 1998

I managed to get rid of this annoying feature by including two 
operations in the users logon script.

	1. patch the registry

	ProfileImagePath	%windows_root%\profiles\%username%

	2. Create the directory in the "ProfileImagePath" above.

You do not need to copy any of the profile files, just create the
directory and creat the registry entry.

Not very tidy but to date it's the only solution I've found.

Peter Debus
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> According to the Samba docs, there's really no good way
> to have Windows stop asking "You haven't logged on here before.
> Would you like your settings saved?" or whatever nonsense
> it actually says.
> However, due to headaches getting profiles COPIED and not
> merged with local copies as well as privacy concerns, I'd like to blast
> the profiles subdirectory constantly. But that means the
> infamous "You haven't logged on here before" message continues
> to show up.
> Does anyone have a solution yet on how to get rid of this ?
> Daryl
> Daryl L. Biberdorf		darylb at

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