Possibe Autocad R13 Fix found

Kris Bodenheimer knb at bigfoot.com
Tue Oct 13 22:15:49 GMT 1998

I think I have a possible fix to the severe performance issues with
using Autocad R13 on Samba file Servers.  Performance usually ranges in
the 12-40K/s range (according to NT Performance Monitor).  This equals
roughly a 1 minute wait to load a 600K drawing into Autocad, even on
very high performance systems.  Strangely enough, Autocad is able to
write the file, VERY fast to the samba server, on some of my machines
even up to 900K/s (bursting higher).    There is some increase in
performance when using NT with Service Pack 3, but as I have said,
performance is VERY poor.  I set the following settings in smb.conf
oplocks = true
ole locking compatibility = no
read prediction = true
strict sync = yes

And the following socket options:

Performance after setting these went up, A LOT, as in sustained 240K/s
opens.  Autocad R14 of course reaches the usual 900K/s opens.  I don't
know how accurate NT Perfmon is, BUT, as far as timed opens of the same
file the improvement was from 1 minute to open a 600K file, to around 8
seconds to open the same file.

I need someone else to verify these settings, if it works on more than
one machine, then PLEASE email me so that I may get ahold of someoneto
get this put into a faq ASAP.

System Specs:

Slackware Linux 3.4
kernel 2.0.35
NE2000 network card.

3com 3c905
WinNT 4 SP3.

Thank you

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