win98 vs win95 with TCP/IP

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Tue Oct 13 18:02:48 GMT 1998

This brings to mind a question though:

Why is oplock processing on Samba so much slower than it is on NT?  It
sounds to me like it should be an architectural problem, but the originator
implies that it works reasonably well under NT.

Forgive me if this has been addressed previously, but I'm a little new to
Samba and SMB networking in general.

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> "Marcus Graf" <mg at> wrote:
> > There is another point I've reported to samba-bugs a few days ago:
> > 
> > We've experienced a great *loss* in performance when migrating an
> > Access application (MDB file > 16 MB) from a slow NT-Server
> > (486DX-66, NT 3.51 server) to a muxh faster Samba server (P166, 64
> > MB, Linux 2.0.35, Samba 1.9.18p10.) The workstations are connected
> > via a 100 MBit fast ethernet.
> > 
> > With one workstation using the database it ran normal. With two
> > warkstations it slowed down. With four workstations the application
> > was unusable (> 2 minutes for one query)
> 	AHA!
> 	It would have been easier if you'd mentioned a bit more about
> 	the nature of the problem earlier (:-))
> 	You've hit the oplocks issue: you want ``oplocks=no'' on
> 	the share with the database, if that's all that's in
> 	the share, or ``veto oplock files = this.dbx/that.dbx/theother''
> 	if the ``database'' is individual files in a share.
> 	Oplocks give superior speed on non-shared files, by
> 	caching them locally.  One should never share the
> 	files of a database across a network: one should have the
> 	clients call the database server instead.  If you have
> 	a pc database that tries to share across a networked 
> 	filesystem, you need to turn local caching off, for
> 	both performance and consistency.
> 	I generally regard single-user file-based PC ``databases'' as
> 	being the same sort of thing as free samples of crack
> 	cocaine (:-()
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