locking for multiple samba servers sharing same NFS filesystems

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Tue Oct 13 16:41:55 GMT 1998

Jay Anderson asks:
> Is there any support for file locking in a case where multiple Samba
> servers are set up with shares for the same NFS mounted filesystem?  I
> don't know how the STATUS..LCK file is used, but for instance, could
> that file be shared between the multiple Samba servers via and NFS
> mount?

	I think I'd rather have samba doing its exporting directly
	from a single server with a scsi attachment to the disks
	or disk array...

	I'm assuming here you need a large-scale and scalable
	samba service, which you will not get with samba re-exporting
	from NFS.  Two trips across the 'net is one two many.

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