Bizarre multi-homed name resolution with nmbd?

Bob Franklin R.C.Franklin at
Tue Oct 13 11:43:24 GMT 1998


I connected a multi-homed Win95 machine (carrot, see below) to two 
networks (ankh-net and morpork-net) which a multi-homed Linux machine 
running Samba 1.9.18p10 (or whatever the latest <2 is) was also connected 
to (vimes) and wanted to see which of the two interfaces Win95 would 

   ---------------------------------   ankh-net
        |                |
    [ vimes ]        [ carrot ]
        |                |
   ---------------------------------   morpork-net

I played an MP3 on carrot directly off a share on vimes and looked at the 
lights on my hub.  Bizarrely, I saw the ankh transmit light on vimes 
flashing and the morpork light on carrot flashing.

Doing a netstat -rn on both machines, I saw a connection active from 
vimes-morpork -> carrot-ankh... I'm sure the reason for the asymmetric 
path will now be obvious!

Both the interfaces on carrot were DHCP configured and, amusingly, I 
could use WINIPCFG to release/renew the morpork interface on carrot and 
the routing would go the ankh interface way!  ;)

Anyway... what I was inquiring about was: does nmbd do any address 
sorting like named to avoid this happening?  I'm a bit confused about how 
I managed to get a connection across subnets in this way!

As for routing tables... vimes has no default route, only the two 
directly attached subnets; carrot has a default route of vimes (since 
vimes does routing)... there were two default route entries in the 
table... which was being used I have no idea.

My suspicion is that it's problem some Win95 weirdness, but I was just 
wondering if there were any known problems with nmbd in this kind of 


  - Bob

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