2.0.0-prealpha*: Only 8.3 filenames with NT 3.51?

Robbert Heederik heederik at wins.uva.nl
Tue Oct 13 08:30:57 GMT 1998

Hi all,

We've been using the 2.0.0 prealpha's with some success, but
now I have run into a problem which I can't seem to solve.

The client, an NT 3.51 workstation logged in to an NT 3.51 PDC,
can't create long file names on a 2.0.0 prealpha Samba server.
For example, when renaming a file from 'readme.doc' to 'readme.pqrst',
'readme.pqr' is created.  In fact, the logs show that the filename
mangling routines never see a non-8.3 filename.  NT 3.51 already
seems to truncate the filename before offering it to Samba.

If the same workstation is connected to a 1.9.17alpha1 Samba server,
everything works fine.

Even when using the 1.9.17 smb.conf with the 2.0.0 server, the 
problem occurs.

What am I doing wrong?  Everything works fine when using NT 4.0 SP3
clients, but we can't upgrade the NT 3.51 machines yet.

%!PS       Robbert Heederik, heederik at wins.uva.nl, University of Amsterdam
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