Lots of smbd -D when doing 'ps ax'

James Thompson jamest at math.ksu.edu
Mon Oct 12 13:01:37 GMT 1998

On Mon, 12 Oct 1998, Philip Tong wrote:

> Initially when the system is booted up, there is only one smbd & 1 nmbd.
> After awhile, there seems to be many instances of 'smbd -D' around when I do
> a 'ps ax'.
> Is it normal to have so many instances of smbd running?

Yes.  My understanding is that the main smbd spawns a new copies of itself
to handle each client that requests services.  If you use smbstatus it
will tell you the users connected as well as the process IDs of the smbd
that is handling the requests. 

Hope this help

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