Oleg Kustov O.Kustov at snoras.com
Mon Oct 12 12:37:12 GMT 1998

>> I have installed Samba 1.9.17p4 on Linux server.
>> PC with Windows95 and Windows NT( with registery set to >enable plain
>> password) are connected without any problem.
>> But PC with Windows98 are not.

Thanks for replay.

>With win98, you are better off with the latest release and better off using
>I don't think the registry hack for win98 is common knowledge as yet.
>So, I let samba support encrupted passwords (which means you need to
>use smbpassword).   There is tons of documentation on that with the
>Its quite straightforward and it took me an hour to get the setup going.

We have work places with W95 as well.
If You let samba support encrupted passwords You can't connect to samba
shares from W95!
I at last solve the problem by Windows registry! And it is different in WNT
and W98.

Best regards, Oleg

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